Coast Cities Escrow has been providing superior escrow service for over 30 years. We take pride in our staff of dedicated officers and team members, who are the industry's finest professionals. Their knowledge and skill help each escrow run smoothly from start to finish. On this website you can locate the office most convenient for you, review the special services we deliver, and locate and/or contact an escrow officer.


Beverly Toma – Branch Manager & Certified Escrow Officer – Huntington Beach

What my Professional Designation means to me:

"Working to attain this Professional Designation proved to me that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. It means that someone with a higher power has tested me on my ability to service my clients and has given me a stamp of approval for not only doing it correctly, but also understanding the aspects of the daily service I provide. I feel very proud and honored to be added to this elite class of Escrow Professionals."

Jodi Robbins - Certified Escrow Officer - Seal Beach

What my Professional Designation means to me:

"Holding a professional designation represents expertise, an accomplishment and a commitment to my career. The passing of my professional designation exam was quite an achievement and I am proud to now be among the elite within our Escrow Industry."

Robin Riley - Branch Manager & Certified Escrow Officer - Seal Beach

What my Professional Designation means to me:

"Education is so very important in the Escrow Industry. Anything can change at any time. I am honored to be part of an elite group of Escrow Professionals. I look forward to sharing a great Escrow experience with all of my clients."

Debi Peters-Escrow Applications Mgr & Certified Senior Escrow Officer-Home Office
Debi Peters

What my Professional Designation means to me:

“In today's economy, professional designation certifications have never been more important. I'm very proud to stand among this elite group of industry professionals as both a Certified Escrow Officer and Certified Senior Escrow Officer. Voluntarily committing to our profession in this way helps us stay up-to-date on the latest issues facing this very dynamic industry.”


Coast Cities Escrow holds California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) Escrow License No. 963-0911. We maintain meticulous trust accounting and liquidity requirements, with internal and external controls over escrow deposits as required for this license. We are a member of Escrow Agents' Fidelity Corporation (EAFC), which provides fidelity coverage to its members. EAFC is not a governmental agency, and there is no guarantee of payment of any claim by the State of California.

Quick Tips


For Laura Morse: What a great job you and your team have done again for us. Our escrow closed on time. All the paperwork was done to the highest standards. We have happy buyers, sellers and real estate agents. Your prompt and timely attention to all issues and a quick and accurate resolution to all matters did make our lives easier. Your positive attitude at all times was amazing. Thank you again for your professionalism, accuracy and timely responses. We are looking forward to be working with you and your team on all our future transactions.

- Rula Malas & Cyrus Movaghar, Realtors

For Laura Morse: For the last 15 years, I have used the services of Laura Morse at Coast Cities Escrow. She has handled dozens upon dozens of transactions for me. I know I can rely upon Laura as she has dealt with every type of transaction for me you can imagine without dropping the ball or giving less than 100% effort for my clients. In the current market in which Short Sales are a large portion of nearly everyone’s business, I find Laura to be crucial to the success of my business. Knowledge, experience and responsiveness to clients needs – isn’t that what it’s all about?

- Mikey Hall, Realtor

For Beverly Toma:I recently had a listing referral that I gave to one of our Huntington Beach Brookhurst agents and had the pleasure of working with Beverly Toma. Beverly was so helpful and professional throughout the transaction that it made my job that much easier. She always included me in all of the email communication and I never had to question where we were in the process. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that! She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her on future transactions.

- Susan Vindiola, Mobility Manager Relocation & Corporate Services Division

For Beverly Toma:I am privileged to have worked with Beverly for over 2 years now and could not be more pleased with her quality of service and level of professionalism. I can count on her to remain on top of my files and know she is prepared for any situation that comes up. She always goes the extra mile to guarantee each transaction runs smoothly and can naturally make my clients feel at ease when working with her. She is dedicated and works hard and I look forward to working with her in the years to come.

- Lily Campbell, Realtor

For Beverly Toma: I recently had the opportunity to work with Beverly on a transaction in Costa Mesa and I will say that I had a very pleasant experience. As a real estate broker, clear communication is the most important aspect of any real estate transaction and she was excellent when it came to that part. Beverly was always available for me and my team to answer any questions, concerns or requests we had throughout the escrow process. She was always extremely helpful and made my client and I feel as if our specific transaction was the most important one on her plate. If I can work with her again, I definitely will. She is very courteous and gets directly to the point ensuring no time is ever wasted. If we were not able to get a hold of Beverly, her team members were always there to assist and would jump right in to take care of us. Whatever systems she has in place are definitely effective and working. I highly recommend working with Beverly and using her for your escrow needs when possible. Thank you Beverly!

- Ernie Aguilar, Broker

For Barbara Myers:Barbara and her team at Coast Cities Escrow have been amazing. Barbara has been on top of the transactions and one step ahead of all parties involved. She knows when to put pressure on the lender or any other party that is holding things up. She has amazed me with her customer service and EFFICIENCY! Barbara and Coast Cities Escrow are now my go to for any of my Escrows. Hand down, they are the best Escrow service that I have ever seen!

- Joe Leonardo, Lender

For Barbara Myers:Barbara Myers and her Team are phenomenal! The level of service is beyond anything I have ever experienced with any other escrow officer/team. They are proactive, knowledgeable and very professional. I’m glad I’ve finally found an escrow officer who is always available to my clients and me. I highly recommend Barbara and her team.

- Mana Aminian, Realtor

For Barbara Myers: Coast Cities Escrow has been amazing!! We’ve been using them for 2 simultaneous escrows that should have been straight forward, but have become a bit more complicated. They have handled it with ease and are so willing to answer all my questions without ever making me feel like it’s a silly question. As a newer agent, I am so appreciative to have them on my side. They will be my go-to escrow company in Orange County form this point forward.

- Stephania Weisz, Realtor

For Barbara Myers: Barb and James are super great and know the escrow business. They got me through a very complicated escrow involving a trust, reverse mortgage company that would not provide information and an HOA that was hell to work with. Despite all of the problems, we managed to close earlier than the thirty-day time frame in the RPA. Will definitely continue to use them.

- Cliff Swan, Real Estate Agent

For Barbara Myers: I have worked with James & Barb for years and they are the best! A true partner that always works hard to get things done right and quickly for the client which is so much appreciated when it comes to closing a transaction. Very knowledgeable and experienced and know how to navigate through any issues that could possibly arise with a closing. They are my GO TO Escrow team for my clients and me.

- Mark Williams, Lender

For Barbara Myers: Barb and her amazing team are knowledgeable in dealing with various situations that may arise during a transaction, which is so important when looking for an escrow company. Team Myers are quick to respond and support you whenever needed. They are definitely reliable and capable in getting escrow to close in a timely manner regardless of the issue. They also update everyone weekly on status of the transaction which makes my life so much easier. As a Realtor, its essential to work with an experienced escrow company and from one professional to another, I HIGHLY recommend Barb and her team!

- Debra Chao, Realtor